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Thank you for taking the time to check out my studio diaries detailing the process of converting my garage to a recording studio. Next on the agenda is the floor base installation and initial wall insulation.

Before addressing the floor, the plumbing for the upstairs bathroom is checked and renewed with the down pipe moved closer to the wall and boxed in with a large amount of insulation to muffle the passage of water.

With all the internal issues dealt with and the opening to the house established it was time to focus on the garage floor. A divider was placed towards the front of the garage which would act as the boundary between the storage area and the front of the the studio. A special water proof layer was then added, covering the entire floor and smoothed upwards along the walls. 2 layers of this material ensured a water tight environment.

Once dried, the focus switched to the insulated floor base layer. A layer of Celotex would be then topped by fire board. Being aware of the height limitations of the garage a slightly thinner layer of insulation is used. A plastic conduit is embedded in to the Celotex which will  run cabling to and from the booth. It will also be used for ventilation,  more about this later!

Stevie Cripps - Garage to Studio Conversion - Floor Treatment
A water proof layer added to protect again moisture.
Insulated floor layer
A layer of fluffy stuff blocks any sounds from the lounge

Concluding the base flooring structure of the project, the builder’s attention turns to the insulation of the end wall. As this separates the garage from the lounge, a robust layer is required to effectively sound proof this section of the new studio. With the stud in place, a layer of 50mm Rockwool is added. A layer of Celotex is fixed to the wall on the other sides of garage, bar the end which remains open until the stud wall is added later on. Insulation was then added to the ceiling underneath the bathroom and sound board installed. The room is taking shape!

Celotex is added for insulation
Insulation is added to the ceiling separating the garage from the bathroom above.
With insulation and audio rated dry wall installed, the area is sound secure!

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Credits – Habgood Creations

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