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Thank you for taking the time to check out my studio diaries detailing the process of converting my garage to a recording studio. With the floor taken care of, its time to build the end wall and finish the insulation…

Creating end wall to section off storage area to behind garage door
Glad to get rid of that awful garage door!

As the end wall is just behind the garage door it is essential that it is multilayered to enhance the soundproofing capabilities. Using the initial floor end as a guide, the stud work is put together and extended around the left-hand side as this is a single skinned layer, which also requires extensive treatment. Once the stud work is in place a layer of Celotex is added with premium wooden sheeting placed on the storage side. Inside the room, a deep layer of insulation is added before a layer of acoustic drywall is put in place. 

Stevie Cripps Garage to Studio Conversion - End wall insulation
Loads more of the fluffy stuff is added to conclude the internal insulation

With the insulation in place, its time to position the electrical / network points and finish the room with acoustic dry wall. With the walls all in place. mesh bridges the gaps and and a layer of plaster is skimmed over the joints and sanded down to create a nice flat finish. Now the transformation from garage to room is pretty much there, the focus turns to the building of the voice booth. 

With the end wall up, it really feels like a different space
Stevie Cripps Garage to Studio Conversion - Audio Dry Wall Installed - Rear Door
Edges and joins are tidied up
Stevie Cripps Garage to Studio Conversion - Audio Dry Wall Installed - Front Wall
A little lick of paint and the room is ready for the booth.

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Credits – Habgood Creations

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