A Great British Male Voiceover with a Neutral Warm, Relatable & Cool Sound


Building a studio to my own specification had been on my bucket list for some time. Thanks to my friends and colleagues I was able to make this a reality. I invite you to follow the process, from development to completion. Feel free to jump straight to a topic of interest. 

The Big Plan in a Smallish Space focusses on the design of the studio

Work Begins talks about structural challenges and creating a link to the house.

Grounded covers the preparation of the floor area and initial insulation.

A Room is Born shows the structural additions to enclose the area to make it a full insulated space.

Building the VO Booth Part 1 details the construction and implementation of the booth.

Building the VO Booth Part 2 shows the work inside the booth area, the use of fabric and general aesthetics.

Finish showcases the studio room and sound panel construction and final look.

If you have any questions about the ideas, building or materials please get in touch. I am more than happy to assist

The Studio is Open for Business