Thank you for taking the time to read my studio diaries detailing the process of converting  my garage to a recording studio. With the cleanup operation complete, the last assessment was made on the final plan and work began on the general preparation of the area. 

To kick things off, several unwanted items were removed from the walls including a gas meter box and a feed pipe to an external water tap. 

Insert door way here
Insert Door Here!
Gas Box to be removed for garage to studio conversion
Gas Box. Now you see it..
Gas Box removed for garage to studio conversion
...Now you don't!

Creating the doorway was quite a task. Heating pipes were discovered in the wall cavity. These had to be moved to allow the doorway to be completely clear. In tracing the source of the pipework the builder took the opportunity to replace some squeaky floorboards on the landing in the house so that was a bit of an unexpected bonus! A gas engineer then came in to relocate the gas pipe and the way was clear to finish the entry point into the house. A lintel was placed at the top of the opening and brickwork was applied to tie up the wall. I’m beyond happy with the progress!

First Layer of Wall Down for Doorway
Pesky pipe work to redirect
A gas pipe needs redirecting
Hidden pipe work - Flow and return
What goes where?
A door way is born in the onverting a garage to a studio
A Doorway is born!

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